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Need a truck? Look to Broadwater Logistics & Transportation for safe, on-time, claim-free capacity at a cost-effective price. Whether you need a 14’ box truck or a 53’ tractor trailer, BLT has you covered for the short or long haul.

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When you don’t need an entire truck, Broadwater Logistics & Transportation will secure the best less-than-truckload (LTL) solution for you. Let a BLT agent create the most value for your LTL transportation needs by coordinating the optimal capacity to route your freight.

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Look to BLT when you need to stay cool. Broadwater Logistics & Transportation was designed specifically for temperature-sensitive products. Shipment temperatures are constantly monitored throughout the shipment lifecycle to maintain product stability and integrity.

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In a hurry? BLT’s dynamic business model provides instant access to capacity wherever and whenever you need it. Whether you need a pallet, or 30 pallets delivered same-day or next-day, BLT will help you “Deliver the Dream” on time.

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Stay in the loop. Broadwater Logistics & Transportation offers security camera monitoring, temperature control monitoring, as well as a variety of reports that are available at any point in time for clients.

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Call with questions. Broadwater Logistics & Transportation offers 24/7 customer support to answer any questions about your shipment. Available by phone, 844-258-8400 or by email

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