About BLT Delivering the Dream

Who We Are

Broadwater Logistics & Transportation was established in 2015 with the support of Blue Mountain Foods in Cumming, Georgia. Blue Mountain was established in 1998 and is now a well-renowned food consultant and imaging company, that works directly with restaurants and food chains with menu ideation, food development, and procurement. Blue Mountain consistently saw an issue with products being mishandled during shipments in the food industry and decided to become the change needed to correct it.

In the establishment of Broadwater Logistics & Transportation, Blue Mountain influenced not only the structure and customization of the trucks, but also driver behavior. The implementation of unprecedented processes and procedures has secured Blue Mountain’s product delivering safely and efficiently for years. Now that Broadwater Logistics & Transportation has proven the importance of temperature control monitoring, security cameras, tracking and monitoring, BLT has become a leader in “Delivering the Dream”.

Why Choose BLT

Tracking Technology

BLT wanted their clients to be able to track every step of the logistics process. This is why they utilize the industry-leading tracking diagnostics software. With this technology, BLT can track the location of your product, the temperature of your product, and any associated diagnostics.

Management & Reporting

BLT has a support team to manage the logistics and reporting of your shipment. From the moment you submit your inquiry to the time your product is delivered, BLT tracks and monitors each process to ensure a fast, secure delivery.

The BLT Fleet

BLT has developed a dynamic business model in order to cater to shipments of all sizes. BLT seeks to expand beyond regional hauls into long hauls, delivering FTL's and LTL's across the United States.

Safety, Security, & Satisfaction

BLT follows the federally mandated, industry-leading safety protocols of the FMCSA to ensure the integrity and security of your product while in transit. Each BLT member goes through extensive training prior to hitting the road, as BLT understands that the only way to Deliver the Dream is to do it safely.

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